Sunday, November 23, 2008

In Progress, and Upcoming Shows (complete with pigeons!)

Here we are, the "in progress" I mentioned in 001 of the Video Blog. Now that the under sketch is correct, it's coming along smoothly. There's still plenty of work to do though, as this piece is 22 x 30 inches (because of the size, I'm also working with the drawing sideways.. it doesn't fit on my table otherwise!).

Besides promised in progress, I have some awesome pigeon-related news! Bucheon Contemporary Gallery has picked up some of my work for a group show in January! They're also taking three of my smaller pigeon works with them to Aqua Art Miami in December! Sweet!


"Aqua Art Miami"

Aqua Wynwood / Bucheon Contemporary Gallery

December 2 - 7, 2008

42 NE 25th st, Miami, FL


"Group Show"

Bucheon Contemporary Gallery

Fri. January 9th, 2009

389 Grove st, San Francisco, CA


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Studio Video Blog 002

I need an actual title for these videos, aside from "Studio Video Blog 002". Any suggestions? :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Studio Video Blog 001

First shot at video blogging! Hopefully I haven't embarrassed myself too much.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AAU Faculty Alumni Auction

I haven't been on top of things as far as updates go. The Academy of Art University Faculty / Alumni Auction has already passed, and I failed to keep track of my announcements.

However, the good news is that I sold some work (including this piece), and, because I was volunteering, I also got to wrap up my work for the collector. Exciting!

Aside from that, this week is about getting back on track. I started a new long drawing, and I almost have Sociology #2 ready to print. I'll be posting in progress pics of each, as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I uploaded a new sketch for 11/12/08.

Christian Spruell at Bucheon

It's been a long time since I covered a show for Fecal Face. The combination of my Open Studio and my teaching schedule has thrown my internship all out of whack. But I'm trying to find balance again. Even if I miss a reception or two (or dozens..). In this case, I decided to play catch-up and check out Christian Spruell's work at Bucheon. Pics of "Oh My, a Pie!" can be found on Fecal Face.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Blackbird Sketchbook Cover

Trying to get this entry in, but honestly, I'm super distracted by election coverage. I trust you are too, so you won't notice my second rate entry (until tomorrow).

Anywho, after two years of love, my sketchbook-binder fell apart, and I needed to get a new one. I finally picked one up yesterday; my reward for 4.5 hours of waiting to vote (after four hours, stickers just don't do it for me).

I never actually made a cover for the old one, but I wanted to definitely do something for the new one. So I brewed up some tea, and made a mess. This guy was the result. 

He's sumi ink on watercolor paper.