Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Solo Show Reception at Mars Bar SF

I've finally organized my photos from the solo show at Mars Bar SF and uploaded a few onto www.megwolfe.net. The show was a lot of fun, and I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by, and thank Mars Bar for hosting the event!

Go check out the reception photos! :)

If you happened to miss the excitement of the opening, the show will be up through April. Click here for the address and info.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Progress..

I thought I would take a little break from the shows and post up some in progress work. I've been working on this one for a few weeks now, but it's been off and on due to medical emergencies, upcoming shows, and everything else.

I've been working it piece by piece (like a puzzle), and this is just a snippet of a much larger whole. As usual, the medium is wax pencil on paper.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pics from "Delicious"

The reception at Studio went off without a hitch, and I'd like to personally thank everyone for coming. I'd also like to thank Jennifer and Rab Terry for allowing me to shoot some photos for the blog. I am also thrilled and pleased to announce that the paintings I had in the show sold out quickly, even before the reception. Unfortunately, if you stopped by specifically to see them, they had already left with their collector (I admit, it was a little strange being at my own reception without my work!).

I have to thank my buddy and fellow Studio artist, Chur Park, for snapping this photo of me with Jen and Rab. There have been shows past where I did a horrible job getting pictures, but I'm trying to be more diligent about it now. I also snapped a standard crowd scene.

And, just for kicks, I'm going to throw in this one of artists James Lee and Troy Nowak, who were also showing tonight in "Delicious". Somehow this pic reminds me of Sailor Moon.. maybe it's the hand gestures?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Solo Show at Mars Bar SF

There's a lot going on with my work this month, but if you happen to miss all of the other receptions, don't miss out on this one! This Wednesday, the 19th of March, will be my first solo show! Here's the specs:

Reception: Wed. March 19th, 5-8 pm

Mars Bar SF, 798 Brannan st. (& 7th st)

Mars Bar will also be doing a special on Fat Tire Beer from 5-7 pm, with $1 off Fat Tire pints (normally $3.50 at happy hour). Hope to see you guys there!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Megwolfe.net converts to Typepad

After a lot of back and forth, I decided to just jump in (as I do with all of my decisions) and go for it. I've been wanting to upgrade the blog significantly, both in terms of content and design. Typepad seemed like just the thing. It's simple, I can easily update with new sketches, upcoming shows, photos, and more. And I really hope you guys find it more interesting, and interactive.
As to why I made the switch.. It's my personal mission statement, as an artist, to become more accessible. I want to be as hands on as possible, I don't want to just plop my work in a gallery and ask you to speak to someone else. I want to be able to share my work and my life with anyone even slightly interested in art. Because art is fun, intellectual, challenging, and necessary. Art is my pride and it's my joy, and the old website felt too dead in this age of Web 2.0 to convey that. :)
So, without further adieu, the new MegWolfe.net
P.S. I'll keep Afterthoughts up to speed with updates, along with MegWolfe.net. For those of you on my Feedburner newsletter, I'll eventually move you over to megwolfe.net, but I'm going to try and do it in a way where you won't get double of everything. :) Maybe by next week I'll have it sorted out. In the meantime, let me know what you think!

"Delicious" at Studio Gallery

Inspired by food and drink, "Delicious" is a yummy show at Studio Gallery where you can find a couple of my oil studies (note that the image on the postcard is NOT mine). :)

Opening Reception: Sat. March 15th, 4-8 pm Studio Gallery 1718A Polk St. (between Clay & Washington)

You can also check out one of the pieces on their website: StudioGallerySF.com

Friday, March 07, 2008

Postcard offer (for Mars & 79 NM)

For my upcoming solo show at Mars Bar, and for the show at 79 New Montgomery, I decided to do something a little different. :) I'm creating a limited number of original sketch-postcards. Each one features an original pen drawing of a bird, a Care Bear, or whatever else strikes my fancy. Each is also numbered and signed. Some will be distributed throughout the city of San Francisco (some are at Mars Bar already), but I want to offer a few to my fellow bloggers and readers. I'm also offering the choice between a bird and a CareBear (in case you received my Christmas cards with the birds), so if you would like a postcard with one of my sketches, please e-mail me with a mailing address, and I'll pop one in the mail for you shortly.