Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bunch of stuff!

This will be my last update before heading out on Christmas break. :) I've had a few things in the works the past couple of days, so I thought I would share. First off, I sold a couple of pieces in the Alumni / Faculty Auction. While I'm very excited about it, I feel a little disappointed that the Academy doesn't allow artists to at least send their patrons a simple thank you. I also have no idea where those pieces ended up, so if I wanted to do a retrospective (years from now, of course) and include them, I can't. Hopefully, the school left my business cards alone so the people who bought my work can stay in touch with my career, and the worth of the work if they choose. :P Anyways.. I've been working away at this for the past week. It won't be done before Christmas, and there's a ton of glitches in it. I'm wondering if I should redo it in a smaller size (it's 16x20".. big enough for the perspective to be really weird). I'll have to ponder over it some more. The final version of the cards turned out nicely though, I'm really happy. :D I delivered a whole bunch around the neighborhood today, and I'm finishing up the ones for you guys tonight. I chose to do simple contour drawings of birds to suit the theme of the card (and the series). They'll be in the mail right before we leave town. Hope you like them. I think it would be a fun thing to do again during the year, just for kicks.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sketching again.

One of my recent resolutions was to start sketching again. I haven't seriously pursued it since graduation; between my day job at the museum and working on a gallery-ready portfolio at home I haven't had a lot of extra time. :P But, as it is with a lot of things, if you really want it, you can find some time somewhere. I've been getting up a half hour earlier for my job, and then going to a local coffee shop. It works for me because getting up at that time feels natural. I'm not disrupting my body's schedule by much, and I feel a lot more accomplished by the time I get to work.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Studio Gallery show

I dropped by Studio on my home last night, and I have to say the reception was super nice! :) Just wish I had gotten there sooner, so I could have chatted with some other artists (and gotten some of those creme puffs I saw one lady stuffing into her purse..). It didn't look like a lot of people when I first got there, but people were in and out so much it picked up and got crowded very quickly. A few of my pieces are still there. Here's a shot of my ring drawing, all nice and framed. And a photo of the cake. There were also some yummy creme puffs, cheese, and fruit. Wine too, of course. :D This show will up through December, and there's a ton of stuff to see, and all different mediums (photography, encaustics, jewelry.. besides paintings and drawings). The cool thing about this show is that it's also different every time you visit. It's constantly rotating and evolving. I've personally enjoyed seeing all the different works, and seeing what some of my artist friends have been up to. :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Anniversary Party / Reception at Studio Gallery

This Saturday is the 4th Anniversary Party at Studio Gallery. This is the last show for the year that my work will be in (poo). Here's the specs: Saturday, December 8th 4:00 - 8:00 pm 1718A Polk st. (between Clay and Washington) I'll be back on Sunday with pics from the show! :D See ya there!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Just a quick note.. I'm currently working on a substantial update to the website, reorganizing some gallery pages, adding tons of new work, etc.. I should have it finished in the next two weeks. Almost done! Meanwhile, I was sorely disappointed by the printing company I chose to have my cards printed. :( It's the second time I've tried an internet printing company, one highly recommended to me, and it's the second time I've been disappointed. So I'm planning a Kinko's run this week to get some quickie prints. In terms of the cards though, I'm really amazed with the response I've gotten from you guys. It's a lot of fun getting to know a little bit about the people who visit, and I'm looking forward to sending the cards out. :) And, of course, the offer still stands, so if you'd like a card, feel free to e-mail me with a mailing address and I'll put you on my greeting card list (see "Happy Thanksgiving" post). The cut-off date is December 20th.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! Blog post 90!

It's now roughly a month before Christmas, and I'm busy prepping my holiday cards. :) The cards feature the first drawing from a new series I've been working on. A number of these will be sent out to my collectors and prospective galleries, but I ordered enough to have some extras for anyone else who wants one. :D If you would like to have one, e-mail me a mailing address and I'll send one out just for you. All cards will include a handwritten note from me, and a small sketch inside the card! However, the deadline for receiving one will be December 20th (after that I'm on vacation), so get one while you can. :)

Friday, November 16, 2007


One of the things I find increasingly difficult to do is sketch. But since I'm at home, sick in bed with a little extra time, I thought I post up some of the pages from my sketchbook / binder to show you guys what I like to do when I'm not seriously working away at a finished piece. :) I make a lot of messes in my book.. I draw, paint swatches, and sometimes document the progression of my paintings (usually to figure out why they're giving me problems). I also like to print out paintings and artists that I enjoy and then write a little mini-review about them; why the work catches my eye, and what I want to take away from it. In this one, the left page, I took one of my favorite Bouguereau paintings "A Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros" and thought about it from a feministic standpoint.. she was fending off Love's arrows, and thus, fending off everything else that comes with it (marriage, babies, etc). A couple of days later, I was watching a movie with a female action star, and I thought about how both the painting and the movie had something similar happening; I felt like both women were defying some kind of convention. So I printed some screen shots from the movie and pasted them in to note the comparison. Maybe I'll eventually use it, and maybe not. I also still like to doodle for fun. :) Brush pens are especially awesome because I get to experiment with brush strokes. I'm also still doing blind contour drawings. I originally got the idea from Paul Madonna when he lectured for one of my classes. Though I'd known about the exercise for years, I never really thought about it until he had mentioned how it helped him to loosen up and focus. It's a really simple thing to do, but it helps me, especially when I'm rusty. This last one is just to give you an idea (I don't actually expect you to be able to read the tiny print). I have just as much notebook paper in the back of my sketchbook as I do sketchbook paper. I write down journal entries (something I saw, or felt, or thought about, earlier in the day), definitions, phrases, to marketing ideas and projects I'd like to pursue at a later time. There are days where I won't draw anything but I'll have six notebook pages filled with stuff. So that's it for now. There's some other things I want to show, but it'll have to wait for a later time. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The AAU Auction and "Tiny" at Studio Gallery

Just a quick note of a couple of things coming up. This Saturday (the 17th) is the Academy of Art University's "12th Annual Faculty Alumni Fine Art Auction". Here's the specs: Saturday November 17th, 3:00pm : Reception 4:00pm : Live auction starts 79 New Montgomery (inside the main gallery) There is sooo much artwork there. I was amazed, I don't know how they're going to make room for tables and chairs. :P I have a number of pieces available in the auction though (including the above image). "Bottled" is also available, and two still life oil studies. The official "Tiny" reception has come and gone, and I was terrible about blogging it. I put up postcards at work (surprisingly, some of my coworkers were also participants in the show), but otherwise I really dropped the ball. I did go by Studio yesterday, however, and Jennifer has all of the Pop Tops, plus my wedding ring drawing, on display. This is the LAST time anyone will able to see the Pop Tops all together as a set, so I really encourage you to stop by and take a look. Also, Studio will be hosting an anniversary party in December; it'll be a second chance to check out the remainder of "Tiny". Hope to see you guys there! Saturday, December 8th 4-8:00pm 1718A Polk Street (between Clay and Washington)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Contemporary art?

Sometimes (or maybe it's most of the time?) I honestly don't understand the current trends in art. And I kinda feel like other people would think I'm dumb for walking into a gallery and finding a lot of contemporary art gimmicky. :P Don't get me wrong, mixed media and variety is wonderful, I love how you can make any kind of art you want with whatever you want. However, after I get over the initial "wow" factor that the work was made out of pencil shavings, I start to wonder if there's anything else to that work. Truly, I believe that good art is art that transcends both the gimmick and the punch-line concept. Good art is art that, as a viewer, I'm impressed by it visually, and then I stand around to think about its meaning, and then after reading the statement, still continue to find layers of things happening. Good art isn't "Paris Hilton", good art is "Cate Blanchett". There's a real solid piece of work under there, it's not all just rag-sheets and glitter. Of course, I'm saying these things partially as a frustrated viewer and a frustrated artist. I find meaning in my work, but there's a part of the art establishment that doesn't. I'm trying to find a balance there somewhere, and it's something I've been really struggling with for the past year. I'm never sure if I'm going in the right direction, and I'm scared to death of creating something and then becoming pigeon-holed by a piece of work that isn't "me". Hopefully, I'll soon run across the answer to (at least) part of this problem.. but then again, maybe it's just something all artists struggle with? Anyway, that's my rant for this week. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A thousand words..

One picture. :) Married: October 24th, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sanchez pics (2007 Bay Area Annual)

Just dropping off a couple of photos from the Sanchez reception tonight. It was a really good crowd, but if you stopped by at about 8:20 you would have no idea. Everyone cleared out quickly by 8:30. I'm sure that they had some other Friday night plans. :) Anywho, we always take a standard "this is Meg with her drawings" photos.. this one makes me a look a little psychotic though. I was in the middle of a joke when Albert shot it. He then refused to retake it, so I guess we're all stuck with this one. I also need to buy more shirts that AREN'T black! And a pic of the crowd! :) Sorry, no pics of the food.. it was pretty much wiped out by the time we got there! I think the neatest thing about this show was that a handful of the artists I showed with last month in Berkeley were back again in this show. So I got to see some new stuff from them too. I'm also starting to see a little bit of a pattern in the pieces that are walking away with awards. Once things settle down where I can get back to work again, I want to look more critically of my own work and see if there's any changes I can make (or want to make).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

2007 Bay Area Annual

Sorry again for the lack of posts.. I've been busy with wedding preparations (wedding is this Wed!!) and I ended up getting a new job at one of the art museums here in SF (which I am super excited about also!). :) Anywho, the notice is a little late, but tomorrow (Friday) is actually the opening reception for the Bay Area Annual at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica. The show begins at 7 pm, and ends at 9pm. I plan to pop by around 8 to take some photos and see everything. Hopefully, it will be nice. I wasn't very impressed with the space when I dropped off my work, but I mainly entered this one for the juror anyway (Rene de Guzman curates the Oakland Art Museum). Two of my more recent pencil works ("Glare" and "Closure") are showing for the first time also. :) I'll see ya there!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (Marin MOCA)

The show for the Art League of Northern California has come and gone, and I'm happy to announce that "Warmth" received an Honorable Mention! This is my first award outside of school, and I'm super excited. :) I'm going to go get this framed at some point.. just for kicks. I'm also very happy to announce that "Warmth" sold, and, actually, the lady who purchased it sent me a wonderful postcard in the mail telling me that she is enjoying the piece, and requested to be notified of further shows. :D It's very flattering when someone likes your work enough to buy it, and I quickly sent her a hand-written thank you note.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Christoph Buchel vs. MassMoCA

Wow. Just.. wow. Egotism in the art world. :( Draw your conclusions, but I think both sides were being ridiculous. I do admit that the exhibit would have been awesome to see in person, however.. as long as those grenades were duds.

Just for fun.

Albert and I went to the zoo today to shoot references for his work. It took me a while to warm up (as I haven't had time to use my camera as often as I would like), but after a couple of hours of playing around, I finally got a few nice ones. The prairie dogs were the most fun. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

80th post!

Yay, 80 posts! :D I have a couple of exciting announcements also, so it's perfect timing. First off, some of my work has been accepted by Studio Gallery. So I will have a number of pieces up for purchase (including this small 2x3" pencil piece, and my Pop Top bottle caps) this November in Studio Gallery's annual "Tiny" show (I'll post the official postcard when I get them sometime in October). :) The show is renowned for having tons of super-affordable pieces too, so if you're an art collector (or are considering becoming one), that's one show you don't want to miss. Link to Studio Gallery And finally, there was a small press release today in the 96 hours segment of the San Francisco Chronicle that I'd like to share, it's for the "Works on Paper" show at Berkeley Art Center. So if you haven't seen the show yet, you have two days left to check it out!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Here's an interesting article on how the *function* of art has changed over time (from cave paintings to contemporary art). From representing gods on earth (idols), to inspiring piety, portraiture of the wealthy, to the examination of the subconscious.,,2166939,00.html Reading things like this make me look at art and wonder where exactly we're trying to go next (or where can we possibly go next). Aside from the neo-surrealism/graffiti boom here in SF, I haven't noticed any real "movements".. Everyone just does their own thing, whether it be conceptual, or representational. :P And what function(s) are those artists trying to achieve? Hmm.. Edit> Sorry, didn't realize the link was not active until now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some changes..

I always say that I want to update this blog more frequently, and now I feel I should. I want to stay in touch, and if possible, I would like to journal some of the things I think about regularly as an artist, to, hopefully, reach out to others that may feel the same way. Hopefully it will also be somewhat encouraging, because being an artist is really scary when you think you're out there by yourself! My other goal is to offer some insight to the artist's way of living (and thinking) to those who aren't artists (photos of my studio, noted thoughts from First Thursdays). I find more and more every day that most people don't really understand what we do, and some don't really care. While I can't make people care about what I do, I would like to talk to those who are, at least, curious. Call it an early New Years resolution. So, that's it. I'll post some stuff shortly. I have a notebook full of ramblings and observations, and you can bet I'll also be posting some more works in progress (because I never post enough of those). P.S. If this sounds at all interesting, I recommend signing up to receive my blog updates in your mailbox. It's the easiest way to keep up with me and what's going on.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Art show, and some new work...

Yesterday afternoon was the reception at the Berkeley Art Center. It was awesome! I got some good feedback on my work, lots of people turned out, and there was so much great art to check out. I wish I had taken more photos.. it always seems like I take a bunch, and then very few of them are worth posting. :P Oh well, next time! Also, here's a new piece I just recently finished.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Just a quick note before I turn in for the night.. I uploaded the Archives page with the Pop Top triptych, as well as my Care Bear paintings and photographs. They really have very little to do with my current work (aside from working with still lifes), but I wanted to put them somewhere where they could be viewed for a little longer. I also updated my Biography, anddd.. that's it. I plan to do some more stuff to my extended galleries (Saatchi, etc), but that'll have to wait for another night.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Updates and in progress..

I forgot to note earlier this week that I made a huge update to the main website (added a bunch of drawings). I'm also planning to move most of the work from the website into an Archives page (which will be coming soon). I feel like my work is moving in a little bit of a different direction, so even though my Care Bears photographs and Pop Top paintings are still recent work (earlier this year), I want to separate them from what I'm doing now. I'm also starting to get a little bit back into oil painting. :) It makes such a huge difference having good lighting and enough space to work, honestly. This is 5x7" on massonite (yay for small sizes). P.S. Sorry for the crappy photo. I took it at the end of the day, so I didn't set up to shoot it properly.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Few announcements, updates..

Lots of things happening this month. I've been accepted into two competitions (Berkeley Art Center and Art League of Northern California), and during the last week in August, through Sept, my work will be hanging in both of those gallery spaces along with the other acceptees. :) So if you're around Berkeley or Novato, go check it out! Also, I finished the car piece. Just have to title it. :) Annddd.. I'm sure a number of you guys have been to Albert's blog recently. I've been bad about announcements, I'm kinda lazy about it, and I don't usually like to make a fuss.. We've been engaged since April though, and we're getting married this October. :D We just bought the wedding bands, and we're debating where we want to go for a honeymoon. Suggestions for this are much appreciated, as we have no idea where we want to go!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New work.

I wasn't going to post this for a while (as I am in the tweaking phase), but seeing as I haven't updated the blog in *really* long time, I decided to give you guys a sneak peek. This piece is roughly 16x20", done in prismacolor pencil.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still alive..

Yeah, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Albert and I have spent the last three weeks looking for a new place to live, and then we spent time moving, so it's been hectic. Just to let you know though, I updated the website recently.. I was hoping to do some more things to it before I announced the update, but that'll be an even longer wait. Anyway.. until I get settled and post up my current work-in-progress, here's another blind contour for you:

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blind contours..

A few blind contour sketches from the past couple of days. Somehow I feel like the lines in these are much more expressive and exciting than when I actually *try* to see what I'm doing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alive and well.. sort of.

Sorry for the lack of posts and what-not. I've been so busy lately with different things that I just haven't had time to update. Hopefully soon all that new artwork I've been cranking out in the past four months will make an appearance on the website. In the mean time though, here's a couple of photos I took this morning. :)

Monday, April 23, 2007


After a weekend of staying indoors, nursing a cold, I was ready to run around and do things as soon as I felt better. That means photos! Yay, photo! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

New work.

More prisma pieces. These are each 5x7", and were done in the last three weeks. I've been doing one of these a week, so by the end of the semester I should have a nice little series going. :) Still considering titles for these.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Saatchi Showdown!

"Stare" is competing in the upcoming Saatchi Showdown! The competition starts 04/16/07, and runs until 04/23/07. Here's a link for you guys to check it out: Showdown! Wish me luck! :D

Sunday, April 08, 2007

First Thursday, the show opening!

So this show was actually much bigger and louder than the previous one. We had a dj and a mass crowd of people that made it exceptionally difficult to move around the gallery. It was so much fun! (a special thanks to everyone who came! It was really wonderful seeing you, and hearing your opinions about my work!). Unfortunately, I didn't snag as many photos as I had thought, but here's what I did get. :)