Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yay, sumi fun..

Last week I took a break to do my own work and do some sketching. I'm really getting into doodling cityscapes and mucking around with ink (always love ink, ink is good because it's messy!).. so much so that I'm thinking about taking a watercolor class this summer.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Website and stuff

Ok, so the new website design is up and running now.. save for the About and Contact pages, which are always the least fun to create (but are probably the most important). :P I should have those up sometime this week; want to finish the site as soon as I can before things get in the way. Also, though the Links page is all new, I already want to include Zak Smith His subject matter is sometimes explicit (his ideas revolve around sex mostly), but his portraits are beautiful, and I appreciate his technique. In several of the interviews I've read, he talks about spending 100s of hours working on each piece, and yet, how cost efficient they are to make. Stuff like that makes me think, especially when I'm dishing out tons of money for canvases every week. :P Andd.. an acrylic figure study for you guys as well..

Monday, March 13, 2006


Here's a bit of a preview for you guys. I'm working on rebuilding the site for my fine art stuff.. I'll, hopefully, have the new design up and running in a week or two. There aren't that many pages to put up, and I'm trimming my portfolio so that you get a better idea of what my work is about and what direction I'm going in.

Sketching for the fine artist?

You know, I wish someone would write a book about sketching for the fine artist. So many books are dedicated to the technique side of sketching/drawing, but I have yet to find one that focuses on creativity and developing ideas through sketching, or, at the very least, drawing for paintings (which I feel is very different than just drawing). I would even be happy if I found a book where artists were discussing their process.. If anyone knows of a good book, let me know. :P It's one of those things that's been driving me nuts for a while now.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Because I feel guilty..

Albert's frequent blogging (darn blogging newbies) has made me feel guilty for being lazy about posting things.. So here's a couple of apples I did for fun recently. The first one was a design I had in mind from the beginning.. the second one was an abstracted version (of the same green apple), the palette taken from some a mis-mosh of colors I'd kept on hand in my sketchbook.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This weekend Albert and I went to the aquarium, not to draw, but to look and enjoy our day before I had to rush off and work on a painting. I think going to museums, aquariums or zoos is really one of the best ways to inspire yourself.. It's very refreshing to go somewhere and say "ok, I'm not here to look for inspiration, if inspiration finds me, great, if not, I still enjoyed the trip anyway". I can't say I found anything that would be a great painting, but I still took a few nice photos. :) The penguin is my current desktop wallpaper.