Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Website and stuff

Ok, so the new website design is up and running now.. save for the About and Contact pages, which are always the least fun to create (but are probably the most important). :P I should have those up sometime this week; want to finish the site as soon as I can before things get in the way. Also, though the Links page is all new, I already want to include Zak Smith His subject matter is sometimes explicit (his ideas revolve around sex mostly), but his portraits are beautiful, and I appreciate his technique. In several of the interviews I've read, he talks about spending 100s of hours working on each piece, and yet, how cost efficient they are to make. Stuff like that makes me think, especially when I'm dishing out tons of money for canvases every week. :P Andd.. an acrylic figure study for you guys as well..

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