Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sanchez pics (2007 Bay Area Annual)

Just dropping off a couple of photos from the Sanchez reception tonight. It was a really good crowd, but if you stopped by at about 8:20 you would have no idea. Everyone cleared out quickly by 8:30. I'm sure that they had some other Friday night plans. :) Anywho, we always take a standard "this is Meg with her drawings" photos.. this one makes me a look a little psychotic though. I was in the middle of a joke when Albert shot it. He then refused to retake it, so I guess we're all stuck with this one. I also need to buy more shirts that AREN'T black! And a pic of the crowd! :) Sorry, no pics of the food.. it was pretty much wiped out by the time we got there! I think the neatest thing about this show was that a handful of the artists I showed with last month in Berkeley were back again in this show. So I got to see some new stuff from them too. I'm also starting to see a little bit of a pattern in the pieces that are walking away with awards. Once things settle down where I can get back to work again, I want to look more critically of my own work and see if there's any changes I can make (or want to make).


Le_fish said...

Okay, you scared me a little. When I saw the title "Sanchez Pics" I thought it was the picture of the "other" Sanchez.(the loud one) *smile*

Congrats on the show, looks like a lot of fun at the reception. *smile*

Albert Ramos said...

Hello, I promised when I got a blog I would say something, right? well, finally I have my blog... anyways, if you feel like watching my stuff, you know where to find me...

See you around, and keep up the good work!