Sunday, December 09, 2007

Studio Gallery show

I dropped by Studio on my home last night, and I have to say the reception was super nice! :) Just wish I had gotten there sooner, so I could have chatted with some other artists (and gotten some of those creme puffs I saw one lady stuffing into her purse..). It didn't look like a lot of people when I first got there, but people were in and out so much it picked up and got crowded very quickly. A few of my pieces are still there. Here's a shot of my ring drawing, all nice and framed. And a photo of the cake. There were also some yummy creme puffs, cheese, and fruit. Wine too, of course. :D This show will up through December, and there's a ton of stuff to see, and all different mediums (photography, encaustics, jewelry.. besides paintings and drawings). The cool thing about this show is that it's also different every time you visit. It's constantly rotating and evolving. I've personally enjoyed seeing all the different works, and seeing what some of my artist friends have been up to. :)


josé louro said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting.
See you soon.

Megan Wolfe said...

Oh, no problem. I really enjoy your work. :)

Thanks for stopping by!