Saturday, August 23, 2008

Carrion #2 In Progress, and Sociology

After five "Flesh" drawings, it's time for another break before diving into number six. So it's back to the pigeons with Carrion #2! Sweetness.

Other than that, I've been hard at work on an eight-page, mini-sized zine I'm calling "Sociology". Eventually, I'll have a little give-away for you guys that frequent the blog, but, for now, here's a preview of the cover.

They're pretty limited in quantity; I made 50 of issue #1. They're numbered on the back, signed, and all of them have some hand-drawn elements on each of the interior pages. More pics soon to come!


eltoromuerto said...

You always make pigeons look so beautiful. When infact they are the vile little things. Very nice work. Much with the kudos. :)

Megan Wolfe said...

Hahaha.. yeah, I get that a lot. :D The part about how vile they are, anyways. >:)

And thanks for the kudos!