Thursday, October 05, 2006

Artspan Private Preview Gala

Just returned home from Artspan's premiere event. It was so much fun. This year I am a volunteer, so I got to run around and talk to other artists. :D Here's some snapshots I took tonight with the little camera! Here's a shot of the gallery. They had a great set up with a caterer cooking on the spot, fondue, live auctions and music, and tons of goodies. The chef! Strawberries and fondue! Yummy! So, if you happen to live in the Bay Area, Artspan is a non-profit organization that holds a big open studios event every October, during all four weekends. It's just beginning! I highly recommend checking out some of the artists, and the open studios are on a somewhat personal basis, so you can feel free to ask the artists questions, or even make a purchase. And there's always free food! ;)

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akt said...

what fun! love it!