Saturday, January 13, 2007

Site Update has finally been updated with a few new paintings, including the three from the group show this month (which will be up at 688 Sutter in San Francisco until February). Also.. yes, I have all the photos from the show opening! Yeah! :D My work.. A few of the early birds. :) The DJ! Thanks to everyone who dropped in for the opening reception. I hope you all enjoyed it, you made the night a big success!


The Laughing Chimp said...

Congrats on your show, Meg!
I really wish I was there.
Great stuff, I wanna see more! How's the photography work going?
Come visit us someday.

Megan said...

Hey Doug!

Thanks for the congrats! (I wish I had been there too, lol) I need to e-mail you guys! I've been so lazy!!

I've been having a lot of fun with photography. Over the break that's pretty much all I've been doing. :) I'm just now getting back to sketching regularly, and starting new paintings.

It would be really fun to visit you guys! You should nag Albert about it too! :D