Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some changes..

I always say that I want to update this blog more frequently, and now I feel I should. I want to stay in touch, and if possible, I would like to journal some of the things I think about regularly as an artist, to, hopefully, reach out to others that may feel the same way. Hopefully it will also be somewhat encouraging, because being an artist is really scary when you think you're out there by yourself! My other goal is to offer some insight to the artist's way of living (and thinking) to those who aren't artists (photos of my studio, noted thoughts from First Thursdays). I find more and more every day that most people don't really understand what we do, and some don't really care. While I can't make people care about what I do, I would like to talk to those who are, at least, curious. Call it an early New Years resolution. So, that's it. I'll post some stuff shortly. I have a notebook full of ramblings and observations, and you can bet I'll also be posting some more works in progress (because I never post enough of those). P.S. If this sounds at all interesting, I recommend signing up to receive my blog updates in your mailbox. It's the easiest way to keep up with me and what's going on.

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