Thursday, November 15, 2007

The AAU Auction and "Tiny" at Studio Gallery

Just a quick note of a couple of things coming up. This Saturday (the 17th) is the Academy of Art University's "12th Annual Faculty Alumni Fine Art Auction". Here's the specs: Saturday November 17th, 3:00pm : Reception 4:00pm : Live auction starts 79 New Montgomery (inside the main gallery) There is sooo much artwork there. I was amazed, I don't know how they're going to make room for tables and chairs. :P I have a number of pieces available in the auction though (including the above image). "Bottled" is also available, and two still life oil studies. The official "Tiny" reception has come and gone, and I was terrible about blogging it. I put up postcards at work (surprisingly, some of my coworkers were also participants in the show), but otherwise I really dropped the ball. I did go by Studio yesterday, however, and Jennifer has all of the Pop Tops, plus my wedding ring drawing, on display. This is the LAST time anyone will able to see the Pop Tops all together as a set, so I really encourage you to stop by and take a look. Also, Studio will be hosting an anniversary party in December; it'll be a second chance to check out the remainder of "Tiny". Hope to see you guys there! Saturday, December 8th 4-8:00pm 1718A Polk Street (between Clay and Washington)


Arnie or Ray said...

saw the pieces you had over at 79. nice still life paintings. hope the auction goes well. how many prismacolor pencils have to die for your work?

Megan Wolfe said...

Thanks, Arnie! I hope so too. :D Especially since it's the holidays and someone wants Guitar Heroes for Christmas (I won't say who)..

As to dying pencils.. I never kill off more than I need. :D