Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy 2008 New Year!

Albert and I just got back from visiting with family, and I already have a nice long to-do list of things that need doing (including the prep work for my long awaited Senior Show at the Academy). With it being the New Year though, I took a look at the things I accomplished in 2007, and I made a fresh list of goals for 2008. Last Year (2007), I accomplished these things: -Graduated with my BFA. -Got married. -Moved into a better / bigger studio space with sunlight. -Remodeled website (twice over). -Got an art-related job (two, actually). -Started painting and sketching on a daily basis. -Began formulating a mailing list. -Won one award from a juried show. -Got into an emerging artists gallery. -Was in 10 group shows. -Produced over 30 new drawings (and a few paintings - including a commission). For this year (2008), I want to: -Remodel and organize my studio space for studio visits. -Have an Open Studio. -Get into a more prestigious gallery. -Publish work. -Free up more time for production (work less, paint more). -Show more locally (in San Francisco). It's a short list so far, but I'm having trouble verbalizing some of my goals. As it is every year, I want to push myself to create better art. Part of that will be freeing up my time, and I also need to stop looking at trendy things (and thinking about whether or not my work is trendy). What else it entails, I'll have to wait and see. Other things I have a jump start on (fixing up the studio), and I'll post about them in the next day or two. :) P.S. Got a new camera for Christmas.. nice little Elph 1000 I can throw into my bag. I'm looking forward to snapping some references during my lunch breaks; optimizing time is a must right now.

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happy new year wolfie!!!