Monday, January 07, 2008

Studio setup

Last year one of my goals was to move into a space where I could have enough room and natural light for painting. When Albert and I got engaged, we needed a bigger place anyway, so I attached my requirements to the deal. Having a studio separate from an apartment is too costly, and I didn't want to waste time commuting. We were used to living in studio apartments already (single room), so moving into a one bedroom we split up the space; one room for living/sleeping, and the other exclusively for work. (We just recently moved this desk in and set up my office.. At some point I plan to get a cork board for over the desk) While I don't work with oils very often any more, I wanted the option available. I also needed an area to make a mess and cut mattes, not to mention photograph my finished artwork. All in all, it's nothing fancy, but it's exactly what I need at this time. My primary objective was to examine my work habits, and set up something where I would have no excuse to slack off (good light, plenty of space, no commute, no additional costs, and no need to be home for dinner). It's exceptionally easy to squeeze in a final two or three hours of rendering into my day. Now I just need to find time to organize my studio's closet space. :P

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