Sunday, February 03, 2008

"Afterthoughts" is 2 years old, with 100 posts!

With school started back, my second (third?) job will be kicking in soon, so I thought I would note it. This semester I'm doing a painting workshop at the Academy of Art University, on Mondays, starting February 11th. I'm looking forward to it. :) So if you're still in school, stop by and say "hi". The other thing I wanted to write about, is that Albert upgraded my Ipod for my birthday, so I've been downloading tons of podcasts. Actually, I found a lot of neat art related ones, especially for San Francisco, so if you like gallery hopping, or visiting the MOMA, I have some recommendations: "SFMOMA Artcasts" (show the MOMA ticket takers that you have this on your ipod, and they knock $2 off the price of admission!) "KQED Gallery Crawl" "KQED Spark Art Video Podcast" "Art Talk with Richard Kamler" (specifically the interview with Kenneth Baker - haven't listened to it yet, but he is our resident critic) And lastly, one I recommend to illustrators and fine artists (and my personal favorite); "Answers for Freelancers" So far that's all I've got. There's plenty of other ones though, SFAI, DeYoung, the Asian Art Museum. It's a great way to stay tuned into what's going on behind the scenes of our art galleries, and to hear what other artists are doing.

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Piya said...

Hey cool, you're running a workshop now! You know I'd go, but 2,600 miles is a bit of a commute :-). Good luck at it!