Friday, February 29, 2008

Mushy, personal post.

I disappeared again for a week or so, this time, because my husband (Albert) was in the hospital for a few days. You wouldn't think food poisoning could be life threatening, but when I called 911 his blood pressure was low, he was dehydrated, and running a fever.. It was scary enough that when they were supposed to move him to a regular hospital room, they instead moved him into the ICU. Of course, Albert's fine and is at home now, but I wanted to note Albert's most recent blog post.. which was posted a couple of days before this happened (which I find a little eerie). He featured a lecture by a dying man, a final lecture about following your dreams. Here's the link: Al's Brain Blog It's a subject that's quite personal, and some of you guys have heard Albert's story before (probably from him directly). In 2001, he left medical school for art school, and started working for Fluid Animation a year or two later. At Fluid, he was the Art Director and character designer for Lucy: Daughter of the Devil. There are t-shirts at comic book conventions with HIS designs on them (yeah, I'm bragging). He took a huge gamble and he worked hard; look what happened. My bottom line is this, life happens suddenly. It can end, suddenly. How many people get to look back (at any point) and say "yeah, I did what I wanted to do"? You just can't measure how priceless that is. And I'm super proud of him for doing what he does. :P Anyway, yeah, mushy stuff.. I posted a link to the blog, so you guys can check it out if you like.


StudioRisingStar said...

I'm sorry to hear about what happend to bert. I'm glad to hear that he's doing good. Man deep post yo! It gets me thankin.....


suzanne said...

Thank you for this "mushy, personal post". Best wishes to Albert.

skj said...

We've been thinking about Albert and glad he is doing better. Please give him our best.
Food poisoning can be awful stuff. It messed our honeymoon up for a week and obviously, it was over before the illness was gone. No fun!

Megan Wolfe said...

Brandon > Thanks, man. Yeah, he's totally fine now.. ate a whole burrito the other day without any problem. :)

Suzanne > Thanks much. :)

SKJ > Thanks also, I'll pass the well wishes along to him.

Fortunately, our incident didn't last a whole week.. that must have been terrible!