Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sharpie Fun w/ David Ball

(click for an additional pic)

Apparently, artist / curator David Ball has become a walking-talking canvas. Sometime over the past few months, David lost a small tuft of hair, and ever since then he's been inviting artists to draw on the spot with a sharpie.

The designs have included everything from lightbulbs, to flowers, to the Babylon Falling logo, and also.. *dun dun dun* a Megan Wolfe pigeon! Roosting happily in a nest of hair. My finest work yet.

Other artists previously shown on David's scalp are Christopher Burch, David Young V, and students from AAU's illustration department.

(I also want to throw a shout-out to Shaun Roberts for photographing this special moment - my one-day-only solo show on a dude's scalp)


Daniel Valadez said...

"my one-day-only solo show on a dude's scalp" awesome!

Megan Wolfe said...

Thanks! ;)