Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Working On the Solo Show

The days are rolling by, and I've been hard at work on new drawings for my September solo show at Cafe Royale. So far, so good. The pieces in this series will be 22 x 28 inches, graphite pencil on paper. After working on the "ginormous" 44 x 60 inch drawing from a previous video blog, I'm taking a break from the wax pencil.. I think I've punished myself enough, though why I was punishing myself, I'm still unsure.

In terms of concept.. I'm sticking with the same ideas, but pushing them further. For this show, I'm focusing more on hoards of pigeons, and chaotic scenes. I was always interested in that aspect, but now I want to be less subtle, and more dynamic. Honestly, I can't wait to get more of this series finished so I can see them together in sequence. It's exciting!

Lastly, I updated with a new Sketch. Sooner or later I'll get caught up with the back-log of sketches and dump them all into a post.. but for now, the one for April / May will have to do.

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