Thursday, June 10, 2010

Next Up, PaperView

Dear diary, I'd really like a dolly. No, not the creepy kind I found in the hallway while I was doing laundry (though that was cool too), I mean the kind on wheels that I can haul artwork with. Let's keep it practical.

With two group shows this month, Hipster Apocalypse (reception photos coming soon), and the upcoming PaperView at Arc Gallery, it's been a great month. Albeit, a busy one. I've spent way more time writing, promoting, and framing (as well as balancing my freelance gig) than creating. But this is normal when you've got shows rolling down the pike, and it has to be done. No complaints.

So this Friday (June 11) from 7-10p, check out the next group show, PaperView at Arc Gallery. Arc is a great space, and I highly recommend checking it out. Hope to see you guys there!

(above photo by Shaun Roberts - more posted on my flickr)

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