Sunday, November 19, 2006

Journal painting..

This week I had a surprising amount of spare time, so I used it to goof off and recollect. :) I actually feel like I'm ready to start painting and sketching again. So here's a study I did tonight of my one, and only, emergency purse (I'm typically a backpack person). The thing I like most about acrylics.. is that I can invent all kinds of trippy colors and I don't have to worry much about the painting becoming mud. I can just play with it until something starts to look "right". :)


Anonymous said...

well the colours look splendid together, and that little splash of burnt sienna (or whatever) under the strap is perfect... love the comp too!


Megan said...

Thanks! I like leaving my studies a little sketchy in some areas.. like with the strap. :)

LynClay said...

Such a beautiful spot of color...perfect!

Linda Blondheim Art Studio said...

I love this painting.Beautiful and fresh.

Linda Blondheim