Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My 41st blog entry..

Sorry I haven't updated the blog with anything new the past couple of weeks.. I'm still busy writing essays. UGH, I hate it. I'll post a couple of them for you guys at the end of this semester though. The one I wrote last week is actually an article on holding an open studio, and it might be of some interest. I'm also going back to doing more of my own work, so I haven't been doing quite as many studies lately. I want to push myself to think outside the box of "set up still life and paint it" as well.. or at least look for more off-beat compositions. Anywho, this week's update is just a sketch from my sketchbook I did while I was gallery sitting for Artspan. It's composed from three different things, so yeah, my leg right under my arm isn't supposed to make any sense. :P

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