Friday, March 16, 2007

61st post!

Yeah, so, I've actually had this finished since last week or so, but I've been too busy to post it. :) The photo actually had more glare on it than I originally thought also, so some of the dark parts of it are washed out. When I photograph it officially, it'll be much better.


Grant Alexander said...

Hey Nice Meg! What surface are you drawing on for your pencil studies? What kinda pencil? I like the uniform texture.

P.S. Your boyfriend is a weirdo.

Megan Wolfe said...

Hi Grant,

Thanks! This one is prisma on an 18x24" Utrect Drawing pad.. so it's not really a study. :)

P.S. Haha.. yeeaahh.. I know. That's what I like about him. :D