Sunday, March 25, 2007

Crumpled paper sketches..

Why crumpled paper? I have no idea. :P But they were fun anywho.


Piya said...

Cool idea Meg! Ever thought of drawing origami? The trick would be could you draw it in a way that doesn't look like it belongs in a origami instruction manual. Now that would be cool!

The Laughing Chimp said...

Great stuff, Meg. Very nice lines, very elegant I might say.
Keep up the postings!

PS: Have you seen Henry's Blog (The beast in the cave)? He just started but it's pretty cool.

Megan Wolfe said...

Piya > Thanks! I've actually tried drawing some paper cranes before.. they're friggen HARD! :D A good exercise in angles though, definitely.

Doug > Thanks much! :) Yep! I've got Henry linked. Yay for blogs!

the beast in the cave said...

Hey where have I seen these before??? there nice. and btw I really like the drawing from the last post. very well done.

Megan Wolfe said...

Hahaha, yeap.. as per your request, I posted them! :) I wouldn't mind doing some more too.. it would be funny if I had a whole blog of just crumpled trash.

Oh, and thanks! The chair drawing will be in the upcoming show. This Thurs is the opening! *plug plug plug*