Saturday, May 03, 2008

Finished Pigeon Drawing

Finally managed to finish this piece after two or so months of work. Over all, I'm satisfied. I think the texture of the paper and medium works well for the grittiness of this image, but in future pieces I'll probably revert back to the refined, graphite look that the Blackbirds have.

I'm also starting a new piece (similar, but bigger), so I'll post updates on it too.
(This piece is 22 x 30 inches, Wax Pencil on Paper - each image is 9 x 12 inches)


Miwa & Mikael said...

Awesome work Meg! I Love the tightness and the texture. The first panel is a happy feather mess, I can almost see them moving ^-^ sweet!

Megan Wolfe said...

Thanks! I'm working on another "messy" one as we speak.. promise to have pics of it soon too. :)